Samurai CTF Scrimmage
Train like you Pwn

Computer security CTFs seem to thrive in a fascinatingly near-professionalized space impermeated with high-tempo music and flashy visualizations. International teams fly across the world competing in dozens of contests every year for a chance to enter the de facto Cybersecurity Olympics at DEFCON. On the other hand, game environments (hardware, operating systems, rules) are intentionally kept secret and half the qualifying contests involve a fundamentally different type of competition (Jeopardy vs Attack-Defend). Top teams develop complex internal tool suites for Exploit Throwing, Flag Submission, Defensive Countermeasures, Service Patching, Network Superiority, Situational Awareness, and other familiar terms. Top teams then pray the game environment lottery doesn't render them all defunct.

In 2015, Team Samurai qualified at Ghost in the Shellcode to compete in the DEFCON 23 pit. Samurai is an educationally focused CTF team which prioritizes training players new to computer security competitions, but the large proportion of Jeopardy-style CTFs made realistic DEFCON practice hard to achieve. Fortunately, LegitBS released the DEFCON 22 (and earlier) binaries and tools which we've implemented in a reproducible game environment with services and scoring server - now open source!