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10-04378-h1 02/21/2012 Foreign Influence, Foreign Preference, Personal Conduct GRANTED Details
Applicant was born and educated in Morocco, came to the United States in 1999, applied for U.S. citizenship in 2004, and became a U.S. citizen in 2007. In 2004, he bought an apartment worth about $34,000 in Morocco for use by his mother. He married a citizen of Morocco in 2004, and she resides with him in the United States and intends to become a citizen. His mother, four brothers, father-in-law, and mother-in-law are citizens and residents of Morocco. He kept his Moroccan passport and national identity card after becoming a U.S. citizen, but he destroyed them when he learned that they raised security concerns. When he submitted his security clearance application, he failed to disclose two civil actions to which he was a party and some of his foreign travel, because he did not understand the questions. Clearance is granted. CASE NO: 10-04378.h1

11-15196-h1 08/28/2012 Foreign Influence GRANTED Details
Applicant is a meritorious chief financial officer for a computer products company with U.S. and Indian affiliations who is sponsored by a prime defense contractor for facility and personal security clearances. Foreign influence concerns are raised over her having property interests, family members, and a childhood friend in India. Applicant mitigates foreign influence concerns by demonstrating the absence of any heightened risks associated with her having immediate family members, relatively low-valued property, and a childhood friend in India. Clearance is granted.

11-05983-h1 08/28/2012 Financial GRANTED Details
Applicant’s financial problems commenced in 2006 when he first discovered his accounts were delinquent. As a ship’s master with lengthy absences aboard ship six to seven months each year, Applicant’s wife had control of the family finances. He discovered she had: opened accounts and credit cards in his name; run up accounts without paying them; failed to make monthly mortgage payments for over 15 months; failed to file or pay state income tax for a multiple year period; and lied to him about her mishandling of the family finances. Once he determined the extent of his financial problems, he took responsibility for the family finances away from his wife, enlisted his mother-in-law’s assistance in handling them when he is away, hired an attorney to assist him in the foreclosure action, and hired an accountant to represent him with the state income tax issues. He has resolved all but one of his delinquent accounts and is in the process of resolving the remaining account. Applicant has demonstrated a meaningful track record of debt reduction and elimination. There are no questions or doubts as to Applicant’s reliability, trustworthiness, and ability to protect classified information. Clearance is granted. CASE NO: 11-05983.h1

11-00541-h1 08/28/2012 Security Violations, Personal Conduct DENIED Details
Between 2002 and 2005, Applicant disseminated sensitive and proprietary information to an independent consultant without authorization. Although this conduct does not constitute a violation of the Procurement Integrity Act, as the Government alleged, it raises security concerns under the guideline governing the handling of protected information and raises broader questions about Applicant's personal conduct which he failed to mitigate. Clearance is denied. CASE NO: 11-00541.h1

10-07514-h1 08/28/2012 Financial GRANTED Details
Applicant established a small business in 2005. The business grew and thrived until 2007 and 2008, when it was affected negatively by a financial downturn. Applicant acquired work as a government contractor and used some of his earnings to pay or settle debts which arose when his business failed. At his hearing he provided documentation establishing that he had paid or settled five of the debts alleged in the SOR and was not responsible for the two remaining debts alleged in the SOR. Applicant mitigated Guideline F security concerns. Clearance is granted. CASE NO: 10-07514.h1

10-05543-h1 08/28/2012 Financial DENIED Details
Applicant’s criminal conduct commenced in 1992 (drug-related) and continued through 2007 (alcohol-related). His alcohol-related problems commenced in 1998, and while he has had no alcohol-related arrests since 2007, he continues to consume alcohol to the point of intoxication or impairment. He has no intention of abstaining from further alcohol abuse although he has completed several alcohol education programs and was convicted of numerous alcohol-related charges. His financial problems remain unaddressed. There are substantial questions or doubts as to Applicant’s reliability, trustworthiness, and ability to protect classified information. Applicant has failed to mitigate the security concerns arising from his alcohol consumption and financial considerations. He has, however, mitigated the security concerns regarding criminal conduct. Clearance is denied. CASE NO: 10-05543.h1

10-05150-h1 08/28/2012 Foreign Influence, Foreign Preference GRANTED Details
Applicant has mitigated the security concerns under the foreign preference and foreign influence guidelines. He has surrendered his Polish passport to his security officer. He is a naturalized U.S. citizen who has a U.S. wife and two children. He has much more substantial ties to the United States than to Poland. Clearance is granted. CASE NO: 10-05150.h1

11-14764-h1 08/27/2012 Financial GRANTED Details
Applicant mitigated the Financial Considerations concerns. His past financial problems were due to a long period of unemployment and underemployment during which his wife divorced him after 19 years of marriage. Immediately after securing his current job in September 2011, Applicant started to resolve his debts – the vast majority of which are student loans. He submitted proof of a track record of consistent payments to satisfy his debts and demonstrated that his financial situation is under control. Clearance is granted. CASE NO: 11-14764.h1

11-11953-h1 08/27/2012 Financial DENIED Details
Applicant is a 39-year-old employee of a defense contractor. He failed to provide sufficient evidence to mitigate the security concerns arising from his delinquent debts. Clearance is denied. Case No. 11-11953.h1

11-03520-h1 08/27/2012 Criminal conduct, Alcohol Consumption, Drug Involvement DENIED Details
Applicant's criminal conduct has been mitigated by the passage of time combined with his successful completion of a 24-session domestic violence treatment program in November 2009. He has also mitigated the drug involvement guideline based on abstinence since July 2008 and his statement of intention not to use drugs in the future. By contrast, Applicant has not mitigated the alcohol consumption guideline because of his continuing alcohol use despite an evaluation in November 2011 of alcohol dependence, in full remission, by a licensed clinical social worker. Eligibility for access to classified information is denied. CASE NO: 11-03520. h1