PingFS: Living in the Rain
aka How to get blackholed by Google
Phuby was introduced to an unsuspecting world by two programmers back in 2009. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. The developers do a great job explaining why, but as they point out the product is engineered quite well. The GoSmart Clip fills a similar niche; a driving companion that makes txting behind the wheel a snap! So inspired, my friends and I stumbled upon a similarly counter-productive, useless, yet programmatically interesting project (thanks Kurt). Thus was the Ping Filesystem born. PingFS is like holding up the clouds by swatting the rain back up.

PingFS is a set of python scripts which, in Linux, provide virtual disk storage on the network. Each file is broken up into 64-1024 byte blocks, sent over the wire in an ICMP echo request, and promptly erased from memory. Each time the server sends back your bundle of joy, PingFS recognizes its data and sends another gift [the data]. Download at the bottom of the page.

[drop all the files in one directory (via unzip or individual download)]
# mkdir mount_dir/
# python mount_dir
# ls mount_dir
# echo cats > mount_dir/reddit
# cat mount_dir/reddit
* Linux
* python 2.7+
* python-fuse

Future Work:
* Windows (afraid of breaking the internet)
* RAID 2+ (reduced data capacity too much)
* Encryption and Compression




  ShySecurity (here)

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