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Legal precedents oft lead down weird paths.

Greene v. McElroy essentially forced due process upon the DoD when adjudicating access / security clearances. The Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals now handles all those adjudications and even publishes them online, but they're difficult to search in any comprehensive manner.

Others have recognized this problem in the past and at least one person, Dino Beslagic, has made a much better interfaces. Unfortunately, one of the questions I wished to ask (how prolific are several clearance-specialized lawyers) wasn't possible at that time. That seemed readily resolvable and provided an excuse to play with Rails, an old itch I've been meaning to scratch. And here's the result: it isn't particularly pretty, but does expose a fairly thorough [if syntactically limited] search interface.

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Pro Se11346
Alan V. Edmunds186
Sheldon I. Cohen69
William F. Savarino62
David P. Price59
Thomas Albin45
Elizabeth L. Newman35
Richard Murray32
Joseph Testan29
John F. Mardula29

DOHA now provides their own search engine: